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Open Studio


Tues.- Fri.  10-4 pm

Tues. + Thurs.  5 pm - 8 pm


10-4 pm (space limited)


Open studio is available for our members only. Members must have taken both our Beginner 101 and Beginner 102 classes and/or the equivalent and have been pre-approved by the studio. It is extremely important that you feel comfortable using all of the tools and torches in the studio. You may be asked to pass a studio test. *Open studio not available when guest instructor is teaching.

  • All sessions will be supervised, but participants must be able to work independently and feel comfortable with the tools and equipment they are using.

  • No outside tools, with the exception of consumables, are allowed in the studio unless authorized by attendant. 

  • Please be prompt, if you are late your session will not carry over due to classes and other booked session times.  

  • We will make every effort to keep our Open Studio schedule, however, when class is session Open Studio is not guaranteed.

  • All bags and personal items must be locked up in the lockers downstairs.


Advanced Registration and Availability

  • Open studio is limited to 8 students at a time; unless class is in session and then based on bench availability.

  • Advance registration is required, and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Upcoming sessions are listed on the website and must be booked in advance (no walk-ins).

  • No refunds for "no shows", and cancellations within 24 hours.

Studio Hours are Subject to Change

  • We reserve the right to expand or shorten hours and/or cancel open studio sessions at any time.

Best Value

Open Studio Package



Unlimited studio access during open studio hours!

Valid for one month

Non-Instructional Open Studio

Our New Membership Program Starts March 1st

Open Studio

This 3-hour session is open to studio members only, who would like to work independently on projects. You will have access to most tools and equipment but must provide your own materials, solder and some consumables. To book a session you must first sign up for a membership plan. 


$35/ 3 hrs.

Studio Workshop Space

Member Meet Up

Join us once a month for an informative discussion, talk or field trip about all things metalsmithing! Not a member but want to see what we are all about? Email Melissa and for an invite to one of our monthly meetings!


Free/ 2 hrs.

Bench Time with Melissa

Bench Time with Melissa

These sessions are for anyone who has taken a class or workshop at the studio but wants some instructional help on personal projects. Perfect for anyone who wants to hone in on their skills. If you would like to learn a new technique or project you must book a private lesson.


$95/3 hrs.

Member Perk

Class Schedule

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Procedures are to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

What's in the Studio:

Each participant gets the use of one jeweler’s bench in our comfortable, brightly lit studio, and access to studio equipment and tools including:

  • Flex shafts at each bench

  • basic hand tools: saw frames, files, pliers, ring clamps, optivisor, etc. stocked at every bench

  • Smith acetylene/air torches, flux & pickle (Solder not included)

  • Micro torch, soldering and charcoal brick, flux, brush, pick, tile at every bench

  • Metal clay kiln

  • Metal clay tools

  • Durston bangle forming die set and step mandrel

  • Bench blocks

  • Rolling mill

  • Small drill press

  • Polishing cabinet

  • 3M Wheel Polishing machine

  • Metal shear

  •  Jool Tool bench grinding, lapidary, polishing machines

  • 2 Rotary tumblers with stainless steel shot

  • Ring stretchers

  • Steel and wood dapping punches and blocks

  • Stone setting tools

  • Tube setting tools

  • 2 Round disc cutters

  • A variety of bracelet and ring mandrels including square, oval and and more.

  • Bezel mandrels

  • Die forming stamps

  • Wide variety of hammers and mallets

  • Steel raising stakes

  • 4 Dapping blocks

  • GRS bench pins at each bench

  • Full range of Fritz anticlastic stakes & forming hammers for synclasting & anticlasting 

  • Design, number and letter stamps

  • Vises

  • Sandpaper

  • Metal Clay tools and kiln (If firing at a 2-hour clay schedule there will be a $20 fee).

Does Not include/Artist MUST provide:

  • Flex shaft finishing wheels and mandrels

  • Materials: metals, stones, solder etc.

  • ​Studio consumables for large batch and production work  ($20 production fee)



You must provide your own consumables including:

  • Bits and burs

  • Sanding discs

  • 3M wheels

  • solder

  • Liver of sulfur

  • paper rolling mill textures

  • polishing compounds

  • butane for smaller torches.   

*If you break a tool it is your responsibility to replace it.

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